Brazil, World Superpower (Learn why)

World Superpower Countries list

1. United States Of America
2. China
3. Russia
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. Brazil
7. United Kingdom
8.. India
9.. South Africa
10. France

Brazil stand at the 6 position in our list of top 10 global superpowers. 6th largest country and the largest country in South America continent, this country is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Brazil is also very rich in natural resources like oil and wood. Brazil contain more than half of the world's rainforest. It is one of the four countries in BRIC (Brazil - Russia - India - China) which are assumed to be next superpowers.

Brazil strength on our Criteria

1. Military
 Brazil armed forces are the largest in South America Continent with more than 371,000 active troops and officers which is controlled by President on country. With no threats from its neighbors, its forces are mainly involved in civic programs like road construction, education, heathcare etc. Brazil forces have also worked as peace keeper under United Nation around the world.
Brazil's defence account for 2.5% of GDP (about $51 billion) which is ranked 13th in the world. Brazil was the first country in South America to admit women in its forces in 1980. Women serves in its Navy and Air force.

Brazil Army
Brazil Army are the most influential forces in South America because of its size and experience. Brazilian army consists of more than 200,00 active troops and operates from seven operation commands. Brazil army is headed by its president and headquartered in Sao Paulo. It is equipped with state of he art equipments and have taken part in many peacekeeping operation under United nations. Brazil army is currently working in earthquake ridden Haiti and involved in relief operations.
Although there are no threats to its border from any of its neighboring country, Brazil Army still maintain a fleet of Main Battle Tanks MBT which is around 150 and consists of Leopard and M60A3 class. Its also maintain a good number of light battle tanks.
Even though Brazil Army is most impressive one in South America, its not much experienced in handling modern day threat like terrorism and guerrilla warfare or full fledged war with a country. The reason for this is the peace in the region. Hence in comparison to some of Asian and European army, its army looks inexperienced.

Brazil Navy

With a total strength of 64,700 Brazil navy aims to be a true Blue water navy and control the power in the region. Currently the country only operate one aircraft carrier Sao Paulo which was made by French. Till 2002, navy didn't have the power to fly aircraft from its carrier which can only be operated by its Air Force and Navy was only allowed to fly Helicopters. However now Navy controls and operates both air crafts and helicopters from its deck.
Brazilian Navy also operates some submarines but their numbers are restricted to 5. Including the aircraft carrier, Brazil Navy operates 89 ships in all.
As it can be seen that its navy is increasing its power slowly but at its current strength, it hardly can be awarded the status of Blue water Navy.

Brazil Air force

As it goes with the Brazilian Army and Navy, its air force is also the largest air force in South America continent. FAB (Brazilian Air Force) as it is known as, is consist of more than 800 air crafts and more than 50,000 personnel. Its most interesting program SIVAM is a huge network of Radars, sensors and personnel integrated to guard and protect the Amazon rain forest resource.
Brazilian combat air power is based on three main classes of aircraft which are NorthropF5, Aermacchi A1 and Embraer A/T-29. A-1 are its main attack bombers aircraft. Its also operates some Mirage 2000 which it bought from France.
The main heavy transport aircraft is the Lockheed C-130H Hercules which will be in service for some time to go. Brazilian air force is seeing some upgrade to its existing fleet and new purchase to make it a world class force in near future. All in all, it is the only branch of its armed force which can be compared to some top air forces in the world.

Brazil Military Strength Score:5/10

Based on its over all military strength and experience, its score come out to be 5/10.

2. Brazil Economy

The Economy of Brazil is world's eighth largest economy by nominal GDP and ninth largest by purchasing power. Its the largest economy in South America and second largest in Southern Hemisphere. Brazil's economy is moderately open and among the fastest growing economy in the world growing consistently at around 5% every year.
Brazil is predicted to be among the largest economy in coming decades and already being discussed among the BRIC economy (Brazil - Russia - India - China). Liberals steps taken in 90's have greatly reduced its deficit and inflation to single figure. Brazil have also become pioneer in sophisticated technological sector where it is producing aircraft and submarines and have also taken strides in space technology. It has got its own space launching station and have also contributed in ISS (International Space Station).
Largest portion of its GDP comes from its service sector which contribute about 68% and Industrial sector which contribute around 28%.
Brazil is independent when it comes to agriculture and world leading producer of Soybean.
Brazilian Industrial sector is also very advanced where it manufacture automobiles, aircraft, steel, computers and consumer durables. It is also independent in power consumption and a major producer of hydro electricity.
In last few decades, Brazil have greatly reduced its poverty and illiteracy. From being ruled by Portugal from 1500AD to till today, Brazil have transformed itself to a great extent.

Brazil Economical strength score: 7/10

3. Brazil Natural and Human Resource

Brazil is blessed with both Natural and Human resources.
Natural Resources: Brazil account for more than half of world's rain forest. Together with Amazon this create world largest wildlife population which have got highest number of species in world. It has got large iron and manganese reserves, deposits of nickel, tin, chromite, uranium, bauxite, beryllium, copper, lead, tungsten, zinc, gold, and other minerals. It has got also good reserve of oil reserve. Its got huge sea coast line which are also good in sea resources. 80% of its energy need come from hydro electricity projects with in the country. How even in last few years, Brazil have seen last scale deforestation in amazon which have concerned ecologist across the world.
Human Resources: Brazil human resource have also made progress in last few decades where they have moved from exporting coffee and soybean to exporting aircraft, steel, submarines and machinery. 100% of Brazil children go to school. 34 of its companies are listed in Forbes 2000 companies list. However Brazil still faces large scale corruption and violence.

Brazil Natural / Human Resource score: 6/10

4. Brazil Geopolitical strengh

Being the largest and most powerful nation in South America, Brazil carry a substantial weight behind its say in world affairs. Being a part of BRIC and fast growing economy is also adding power to its strength. If there is a expansion in security council then it is almost certain that Brazil will be a part of that list. It also have very good relation with all the major countries and continuously moving towards becoming a major power house of the world.
Brazil Geopolitical strength score: 6/10

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